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A Guide to Choosing a Funeral Tribute

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A Guide to Choosing a Funeral Tribute

02Apr 2020

A Guide to Choosing a Funeral Tribute

Losing a loved one is always a stressful time. And choosing the perfect funeral tribute to show your love, respect and admiration can seem like an added stress that you don't really need or want to deal with at the time.

However, funeral flowers are often an important part of the funeral procession, and they are a fitting and thoughtful way to demonstrate your affection, so taking time to choose the right flowers is worth the time is taken to do it.

Choosing a fitting funeral tribute is a very personal thing, and while we cannot tell you what exactly to choose for your loved one, below we offer a general guide of things to think about when you want to send funeral flowers.

There are a number of different approaches you can take to choosing the most appropriate floral displays including:

Go Traditional

Many people find traditional designs, such as funeral wreaths and funeral sprays very appealing. Not only are there plenty of examples out there to take inspiration from, but there is a reason these displays are classic.

Many of the traditional approaches are very elegant, simple and clear in their message. A tribute containing lilies, for example, tells you is about innocence, and putting the soul at rest. This may be particularly suitable for someone who has passed away at a young age.

Other traditional options include carnations or funeral posies. Carnations have different meanings depending on their colour, so you could send a message of admiration with red, display your love with white, or pink are a symbol of remembrance. You could choose the colour that most resembles your personal message, or combine all three if you want to show all three emotions.

Funeral posies, also white in colour, tend to be a symbol of innocence and the soul as well, which is why they have long been a perfect tribute for religious ceremonies. In fact, the majority of traditional funeral flowers are based on religious concepts, which obviously makes perfect sense if you or your loved one is religious, however, if not, you may prefer something different.

funeral flowers onlineChoose something personal

A personal tribute is something that has special meaning to you or your loved one who has passed away. It may or may not correlate with the typical meaning of a flower, but will always have a special meaning for you.

In this instance, you may wish to choose a bouquet that includes or centres on flowers that your loved one really enjoyed. Perhaps their favourite flower was a sunflower, for example. It's not a traditional bloom to include in a funeral display, but it has a special connection to that person and therefore makes it an ideal choice.

Another example is where the deceased was named after a flower. This is an obvious connection that you may want to use. Rose, Lily, Daisy, and Petunia are just some common examples where this may be the case. You might want to only use the flower of their name, perhaps in a variety of different colours where possible. Or you might want to use it as just a small part of a wider tribute, which also includes other flowers that the person who passed away particularly enjoyed. The key is making the design personal to you and your loved one because that is what floral displays are all about.

Choose based on design

Another option is to choose your tribute based on the design. There are so many different options today that it can seem overwhelming when you first start looking into it. But once you begin exploring the different options, there is a high chance you will see something that just feels right.

The most common examples are funeral wreaths, casket sprays, letter tributes and funeral baskets.

All of these can then be customised to suit your personal taste or that of your loved one you're paying tribute to. Customisation could include the flowers used in the design, the colours, adornments, what is included on tags or letter tributes, or even their size.

Choosing a tribute based on design can offer a lot more flexibility than using the traditional approaches and can open up a lot more options than just using flowers that have a special meaning. You can create something very personal using this approach and can combine traditional designs with a more personal touch.

order funeral flowers onlineOpt for something unique

Sometimes you may find that none of the more traditional designs is what you want, and just don't seem right for your loved one. When this is the case you may want to go for something totally different and unique. This can be particularly fitting if your loved one was known to be quirky or didn't appreciate the traditional styles.

Here you might want to include a tribute that captures their personality, interests or a specific part of their character. For instance, there have been a number of florists seeing a rise in tributes in the shape of golf clubs or golf balls, for people who have passed away that were really passionate about golf.

Other examples have included floral designs based on sports cars, TV shows, hobbies, travel and much more.

The beauty of this approach is that you really can show how much you know and respect a loved one by choosing a design that represents them very specifically. However, it's also important to remember that not everyone wants to be summed up by one aspect of their lives. Someone who enjoyed golf, for example, may not want to be remembered just for that, so use your judgement here.

What you may choose to do is create a tribute that reflects a wide range of their interests or character traits, to show a more rounded version of that individual. But having the option to create something really different is a very appealing prospect for obvious reasons.

Ask for advice

If you are really struggling to find the right tribute for your loved one, then don't be afraid to ask for advice. This is a very stressful and emotionally trying time, and sometimes even the seemingly smallest decisions can feel like too much to handle. There is nothing wrong with this. Your local funeral flower shop will have lots of examples of their work and plenty of advice to share.

Remember that your local florist will deal with similar requests all the time, so if you are really unsure, pop into a flower shop and get some inspiration. And whatever you choose, the important thing is always to show your respect for a loved one who is no longer here in the way you feel is right. There is no right or wrong way to do this, so don't be afraid to try something a bit different, but equally, if you want to go traditional, there's nothing wrong with that either.