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How to Send Flowers to a Funeral

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How to Send Flowers to a Funeral

22Apr 2021

How to Send Flowers to a Funeral

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult. It is sometimes made more challenging due to the practical steps that often surround a funeral. This can include organising funeral flower delivery. We know that choosing flowers for a funeral can be stressful, especially at such a difficult time. And if you don’t know what you are expected to do during the process, it can make it even more stressful. In this quick guide, we want to share some of the things to think about when organising funeral flower delivery to help make it a more manageable task.

Work with a Professional Florist

Hiring a professional florist to design your funeral bouquet is not only the best way to ensure you get the best quality funeral flowers delivered, but it also helps with managing a lot of the stress involved. Florists are highly experienced in designing funeral arrangements and can offer lots of advice on design and logistics. If you plan to have flowers delivered to a funeral, we highly recommend speaking to a professional florist as early as possible. They can help you navigate the steps required during the process. This may include advising you on when to place your order, the best kind of arrangement for your needs, and how to organise delivery. Many florists also have connections with local funeral homes, so can liaise with the funeral venue on your behalf.

Knowing Who to Send Them To

Understanding the practicalities of sending funeral flowers can be tricky. If you have questions, you may be tempted to try and speak to the family of the deceased to find answers, however, we’d advise against this. Typically bereaved families will already be under enough pressure dealing with the rest of the funeral arrangements, as well as managing their grief. In most cases, the information can be found in the funeral announcement or direct from the funeral home. As mentioned above, florists often have links to local funeral homes and may be able to find out the information you need. If not, you can contact the venue yourself and request the information. In most cases, the flowers will be delivered to the funeral home, which will organise transport to the cemetery or crematorium. However, if you have any questions, speak to your florist, the funeral home, or see if you can find the answer on the memorial notice.

Choosing the Right Floral Arrangement 

Although the logistics of sending funeral flowers can be challenging, many people find choosing the right flowers the hardest bit. Funeral flowers are intended to be a mark of respect for the deceased, and a symbol of your love and admiration for them. It is no wonder that choosing a suitable bouquet is so hard. Again, a florist will be invaluable in helping you with this. Not only do they know all the meanings behind different types of flowers and the traditional mourning blooms, but they are often excellent at helping you identify what it is you want to say through your flowers. Some people want to pay their respects and may choose a traditional bouquet of lilies. However, you may want to create something much more extravagant to express your sorrow and love. Working with a trained florist can ensure you say what you mean through flowers and truly express your love for the deceased in the most appropriate way.