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Things You should Never Do When Sending Sympathy Flowers

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05Nov 2020

Things You should Never Do When Sending Sympathy Flowers

If you are thinking of sending sympathy flowers, heed this advice, the tips and guidelines collated from our expert florists.

It is a distressing time for all involved, but there is a protocol to be followed, etiquette that you should look to abide by. Otherwise, you could end up causing more angst and distress, and you certainly won’t want to do that just because you got funeral flowers delivered.

Getting funeral flowers sent to the family of the deceased is a great way of showing that you care, showing the family that they are in your thoughts. The sympathy flowers will get across your message of love and will, of course, serve to express your deepest sympathies. But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you send funeral flowers. It is not as simple as picking out funeral flower arrangements you like and sending them to the family. Do this, and there is a good chance that you end up causing some offence.

Here are some things that you should never do when sending sympathy flowers.

•    Don’t assume anything. Generally, at the time of a funeral, it is acceptable to send flowers that are neutral in colour, that consist of white and light blue flowers, the blue symbolising purity. But don’t just assume that it is going to be a standard funeral. It may be a religious funeral, in which case the flowers sent should tie in with the family’s culture and traditions. The family may have expressed wishes to conduct the funeral around a theme. If this is the case, send flowers that fit in with this theme.

•    Never send your chosen flowers to the family’s home without checking with a family member first. Despite your best intentions, in certain religions and customs, it is not permissible to have flowers at the home. So, check before you send.

•    As a family friend wanting to express your condolences, sending flower arrangements such as letter tributes and funeral wreaths is a big no. These are arrangements that are generally selected and organised by close members of the family. It is usually the younger members of the family who are permitted to choose letter tributes. If you wish to get across your sympathies, do so by sending funeral posies, sprays, bouquets and baskets.

•    Forgetting to leave a card message is a common mistake people make. Sure, the flowers, the gesture really can say everything. But don’t forget to leave a little message. It is not about showing off, letting everyone know the flowers are from you. It is just so they know they are in your thoughts. You don’t have to be a wordsmith, write anything elaborate when constructing your message. If you are struggling to get started, just use a classic message. Use this as a template then write your message of support.

•    There are many florists out there, and funeral flowers can be pricy. Don’t just get your flowers from the nearest florist. Do your research, and select flowers that you feel are appropriately priced, that look beautiful, and that get your message across.

•    It is the life of the deceased, their memory that you are honouring with the gesture of flower delivery. So, keep this individual at the forefront of your mind when it comes to making decisions. Flowers can represent a number of things. Ensure it represents the deceased, what they would’ve wanted.

It is great that you are considering sending flowers at such a time. These little gestures really can make a whole lot of difference during the family’s period of grief. But there are dos and don’t when sending flowers. Keep these in mind, and you can’t go wrong.